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Congratulations to the winners of the "Fall for Fall" photo contest

Event details:

The beautiful photos of residents Roberta Fedder, Irv Herling, Carole Landis, and Bob Shusman present a unique “group portrait” of the Main Line neighborhood in a nature reserve. These four lucky winners will be contacted via email to coordinate their prize.

The community contest called for residents to share their viewpoint on the changing season in the form of nature photos. Haverford Reserve is a cornucopia of colorful trees, plants, and flowers at this time and residents and visitors alike enjoy the pretty sights to see throughout the Carriage Homes neighborhood, along the miles of nature trails, and in the recreational areas.

Our sincere thanks to all of the Carriage Home residents who got outside to enjoy the season and contribute their photos. Check out the slideshow above showcasing all of the entries. You can also see a selection of these photos in the real estate section of this week's Main Line Times!

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