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Is it Time to Right-Size your Home?

This simple quiz can tell you if it’s time to move.

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There’s a lot of talk about “down-sizing” these days. Inevitably, a spacious home that once perfectly suited your life and family will feel like it just doesn’t fit anymore.

Are there rooms in your home used only on special occasions? Are some rooms used only for storage, or simply to walk-through to other parts of the house? Is there no need to repurpose these spaces, because there’s already plenty of room? Too many homeowners invest in extensive remodeling, without ever solving the original problem of too many rooms going unused.

We all reach a point when bigger isn’t better, particularly once the kids leave the nest. But while “down-sizing" has become a hot topic, savvy homeowners are all about “right-sizing.” Right-sizing is not about making do with less. It’s about finding a home expertly designed for the life you want now – a residence that energizes and relaxes you, welcomes you and your guests, minimizes everyday chores, and lets you live your life to the fullest. In other words, the right-sized home is all about the quality, not quantity, of space.

Are you a candidate for right-sizing? Take this simple quiz to reveal if you'd be happier in a new home.

True or False?

1.  I spend too much time maintaining our home and lawn.

2.  Our house feels empty since the kids moved out.

3.  I often spend time online looking at new designer homes.

4.  There are rooms in our house that no one ever uses.

5.  We live in a beautiful neighborhood, but our house has never felt like home.

6.  We’ve considered remodeling, but our home will still be too big.

7.  If I lived in my ideal home, I’d probably take up (painting, music, cooking…) again.

If you answered “True” to five or more of these statements, you’re in good company. At Haverford Reserve, more than 80% of Carriage Home buyers have moved from larger Main Line homes in favor of a maintenance-free residence custom-built just for them.

Honored as “Home of the Year” and “Community of the Year” by the local Home Builders Association, the Carriage Homes of Haverford Reserve offer exceptional designs starting at under 3,000 sq ft, from the low $800s. Carriage Home owners speak enthusiastically about the collaborative design process, the quality of construction and craftsmanship that bestows true character  – and the joys of waking up in a serene nature preserve surrounded by miles of trails through the woods.

Home buyers can also choose from a selection of “Quick Delivery” Carriage Homes. Since primary construction has been completed, you can move in months sooner, and still enjoy many opportunities to customize.

Just Six Home Sites Left.

With nearly nearly ninety percent of Carriage Homes already sold, your opportunity to build your custom Carriage Home may not last much longer. You’re invited to visit the award-winning model home at 108 Green Lane in Haverford, open noon to 5pm daily.

To get your free guide to Right-Sizing your home, click here.

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