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Q & A with Erin Olivier

Haverford Reserve Design Consultant

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Q:  You have designed and staged many properties throughout the east coast, how did your approach differ for Haverford Reserve?

A:  I always begin with the consumer. I work closely with the broker to learn the statistics of the current residents. In this instance, I also have the benefit of growing up in the area - I know the Main Line well.  


Q:  What did you learn about the HR buyer?

A:  This audience is certainly high achieving, but they are also looking to simplify. So, I balance the fine line between approachable and aspirational. Haverford is one the most desired zip codes - every detail of the construction of these homes was carefully curated to be worthy of the Haverford buyer. The aesthetic I design must follow this lead.


Q:  Speaking of your design, what would you say are the most important elements?

A:  Scale. Quality. Palette.  

Scale - The furniture needs to be the appropriate size for the room, for two reasons. One: buyers have an idea of what they want to keep vs. replace from their own inventory; if I use all chairs and a small rug in a space- they will return home having no clue if their most expensive furnishings are going to work- dining table, rug, sofa, etc. Two: It's up to me to demonstrate the size of these generous spaces. I want to take the buyer's eye to every corner of the room so s/he really understands that this is "serious" square footage in a coveted part of town.

Quality - The furnishings must be on the same level as the home. I use the same principles in staging as I do in design- I won't sacrifice a single element of quality. My furnishings and design must reinforce this luxurious atmosphere.

Palette (Color) - I don't over stylize. These interiors need to speak to a wide audience.... I'm not going to live on the edge when I choose colors.  In this area, I play it safe; I use a palette that ALL of my clients have responded well to.


Q:  Is there a specific design style you lean towards?

A:  I try to stay current without getting trendy. The overall look has a "traditional" foundation, but I add artful elements that modernize the space. I think that is the real beauty of Haverford Reserve- the homes stay true to the historic area - the magical Pennsylvania stone, the "barn" garage doors, the pristine landscaping with open floor plans, chef’s kitchens, artisan tile- you name it!  It was a privilege bringing the Hudson Model Quick Delivery to life- she's a Beauty.

Bio: Erin Olivier Designs is an interior design studio in Philadelphia, PA servicing residential clients across the country.  Erin is best known for mixing high end with more moderate furnishings; and blending traditional, eclectic and contemporary designs.  Erin joined The Sivel Group in Spring of 2017 as design consultant for interior design, staging, and preparing properties for sale. This Bryn Mawr native has a deep passion for all decorative arts, her dog Ollie, and her family.....the order in which these are prioritized tends to change!

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