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Stories of Life at Haverford Reserve as told by our Residents

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For many Main Line residents, a simpler life means less house and more home. Less maintenance, and more time with friends. And, if you are one of the lucky owners of a Carriage Home, it means a life free from maintenance in a new home custom built for the life you want now. 

We’ve asked the residents of Haverford Reserve to share their stories of life at The Reserve. Our first story is a tale of modern romance….

Our Daughter finds our Son-in-Law

"Do we really have to move?" my daughter Lisa exclaimed six years ago when we purchased our custom Carriage Home. While we eagerly anticipated our first built-to-order home, leaving our neighbors and friends left Lisa crestfallen. After graduating college, she reluctantly moved back in with us – under duress! 

"Barely two months after our move, a 30-inch snowstorm blanketed the region. The Reserve's snow crews were out in force, but my daughter couldn’t wait, and ventured out, shovel in hand, to clear off her car. To her surprise, a handsome young man offered to help. When she came back inside, her face was bright pink and all smiles. "There's a really cute guy who lives two doors away,” she said. 

Two years later, they were married.

"Of all the things we looked forward to at The Reserve…a lovely new community, award-winning home design, and miles of nature trails, we never imagined such wonderful new friends and neighbors. Neither their lives, nor ours, will ever be the same. This really is a special place where close friendships form easily. Truly, love is in the air at The Reserve."

- Maxine Shusman,
Haverford Reserve resident since 2010

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